First time of first times

So a few weeks back we visited a Russian Orthodox church.  The experience was transcendent.  Their cantor and choir was something special.  I fell in love with the worship practices of the east.  I was deeply moved seeing young ones venerating icons.  The church has a practice of all the children coming forward first for communion.  It seems in everything they do the little ones go first.

I have deeply enjoyed the Latin Mass and didn’t think I would appreciate liturgy in my native language.  Boy was I wrong.  I found the liturgy to be like fresh water.  I was not putting so much energy into just singing the liturgy that I could meditate on what I was saying. I am sure in time that would not be a problem with the Latin Mass.  Still a joyful surprise.

Something else surprised me.  When the Divine Liturgy was over I actually felt like I was part of the whole thing.  Since leaving the Episcopal church I have not served at the Lords altar.  I have felt very much like a spectator.  Yes I have enjoyed being with my family.  More then words can describe.  At the Orthodox church I feel more like I am part of what is going on.  Maybe it is the style of worship.  I don’t know, but for the past month I have not really felt a connection.

I am looking forward to going to vespers for the first time.  More about that coming soon.


2 thoughts on “First time of first times

  1. I am glad you felt part of everything! That’s the way it’s supposed to be in Worship. One body worshiping together!

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