I’m not Anglican and I am not Roman Catholic then what am I?

After leaving the Episcopal church we tried a few churches.  First it was a former Episcopal Church that joined the new Personal Ordinariate.  It was a fine church.  The liturgy was exceptional.  The people were nice enough. Just one problem.  The drive was brutal to get there.  Usually it only took an hour, but given the uncertainty of expressway driving if could be more.  Plus extended distance is not something you are looking for in a church when you are trying to make friends.

We then tried a wonderful Roman Catholic parish that worship in the Extraordinary form of the Mass.  The people overall are Traditionalists.  This I like since I would consider our family very Traditional.  I was instantly in love.  I loved the Liturgy.  I love the people, and I was seeing growth in my family.  Everything was great except one thing.

One tiny little problem.  THE MASS IS IN LATIN! My wife was not jiving with this.  Especially when she is trying to wrangle a 2 year old.  It was a huge obstacle for several people in my family.  Another problem surfaced that I was not expecting. A few theological differences popped up.  Now  I was “Anglo-Catholic” and still in many ways love Roman Catholic tradition, and worship practices. Doctrinally I do not disagree with what was being taught.  It is how the church viewed these doctrines.

It’s hard to explain, and maybe sometime I will give it a go. Sometimes it was just the terminology.  We ended up back at square one.  Now what? we thought.  We decided to make a 30 mil drive to visit a Russian Orthodox church that a friend goes to.  Little did we know a small fire was about to ignite within us.

We have not been back to the Russian church, but have been visiting a Byzantine Catholic church closer to our house.

Well more on that later.


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