The Art of Prayer

Recently I picked up a book called The Art of Prayer An Orthodox Anthology.  I am only about a quarter into this book, and I have to say I really am enjoying it.  The first “chapter” or paper is on the inner closet of the heart. The chapter discusses at great length the relation between natural and supernatural.  That we are both physical and spiritual.  Prayer in regards to prayers of the physical and are prayed, chanted, and read.  These can be in corporate or private prayer.  Prayers that are spiritual in nature come from within.  Birthed from the Holy Spirit they flow through us.  St. Dimitri of Rostov proposes the idea that God comes to us in our cell or prayer closet.  That our self can be a closet of sorts.  That within our heart God dwells.

This is an idea that I find great comfort in. From a Roman Catholic perspective often one gets caught up with Christ present in the blessed sacrament.  Failing to recognize God within ourselves and in the world around.  We don’t need to be in a chapel.  Or in front of our home altars.  Whatever we do.  Wherever we go God is with us, and within us.  What a beautiful idea. With that idea we are brought to a way of intentional living.  About praying without ceasing.


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