Vespers First Experience

I was not sure what to expect when coming to a Vespers service.  I have prayed Vespers before at an Abbey.  I also pray the Liturgy of the Hours at home.  In many ways the vespers service was similar.  The service starts with low light.  The candles flickering set a nice mood.

In many ways the service played out like any other liturgy. For the most part I was able to keep up with the prayer book. I turned to some page and all of a sudden like 5 pages fell out.  Oh man! I got flustered.  After I situated the pages it was smooth sailing.  The prayers for Vespers are very  beautiful, and I can honestly say it was good preparation for Sunday.

Vespers was a reminder to me why I like Orthodoxy.  There is a real holistic feeling to the worship. Eastern Orthodox faith does something within me.  Being Orthodox is not like being Methodist or Charismatic. It is not just a church you worship at. It is what you are.  When you go into someones home you might be able to tell if they are a Christian or not.  When you enter a Eastern Orthodox home.  You have no doubt that this is a Eastern Orthodox home.

Wow how did I get onto this?  Well…… Back on topic…… My experience at Vespers was very positive.  I look forward to coming back to Vespers on my next Saturday off.


2 thoughts on “Vespers First Experience

  1. I love Vespers! I have been to a few Divine Liturgies but since I am still active in my protestant parish, I just attend Vespers. ’tis so beautiful!

    • Yes I agree I love the stillness of Vespers. As an Anglican I prayed vespers daily. I still do pray them, and on Saturdays it is nice to not be alone. I especially love the low light and all the candles. I almost feel sorry for everyone else who is not at Vespers. I feel they are missing out. 🙂

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