Feast of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers (Nov. 8th)

So yesterday was the Synaxis (Feast or gathering) of the Archangel Michael and the Other Bodiless Powers.  Now that is mouthful.  As an Episcopalian we had a similar feast.  Typically for me it was something that occurred once a year, and was just a short stop in my liturgical calendar.

Basically I never really put much thought into this feast.  I have a Blog that I talk about feast days, and saints.  Nope never a blog entry for St. Michael.  I am not sure why.  I guess other then Archangels mentioned in the bible I have put very little thought into angels.  Maybe because they are a mystery to me.  I really don’t know.

Since I was unable to attend the Divine Liturgy last night.  A real bummer for me.  I decided to do some reading.  I am basically familiar with most of the standard feasts celebrated in the West.  Rarely have I looked into Eastern writings or general information regarding the feasts of the Eastern church.

I have to say I have been intrigued on what I have read.  I don’t really have any thoughts to share on it at this point.  I am still meditating on some new ideas on the angels and their work.  Especially in how God interacts with his natural creation.  Fascinating stuff…. Really it is.

The greatest benefit from all of this is that I have decided to keep open my other blog.  I have struggled with what I should do with it.  I average a thousand or so visits a month.  Nothing spectacular, but it is impressive to me.  That blog is less personal then this one.  It is mainly a place I write about the saints.

I thought about closing it down.  That didn’t feel right.  Many people come there and learn about many wonderful saints of our faith.  I hate to see a blog die.  You stumble onto a blog, and just love it.  Finally after weeks of reading you get to the newest post to see it has been inactive for over 2 years. Oh man!  That wasn’t going to be me.  I planned on writing a final goodbye entry.

Well I am glad I didn’t Because I decided to continue writing on the saints and various feats.  I am going to keep this blog for personal thoughts and the other will continue on the way it always has.  Just coming from an Eastern Orthodox perspective.



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