The chotki the Jesus prayer and the rosary

So a few weeks back I was at a Russian Orthodox Church.  The priest during him homily (lack of better word) talked about prayer.  He talked about the Jesus prayer and using the chotki.

This sparked my interest.  I have seen people wear chotkis around their wrist.  I knew they were used in prayer, and I knew that you pray the Jesus prayer.  That is basically all I knew.

So I decided to pick one up.  I have been using it almost every day for a week or two.  I have found it calming.  It helps me fall asleep at night.  Then again laying horizontal and a pillow help me fall asleep.  It is not that hard.

There is a wealth of information on the internet regarding the Jesus prayer and the use of chotkis.  With all of that I couldn’t find what I was looking for.  So I ended up purchasing some books.  One I talked about last week.  The other I will share about when I start reading it.

So far I am not really getting it.  Maybe it is one of those things that take time.  I know there is merit in this prayer, and that it is a powerful prayer.  That is why I continue.  Maybe it is because I am coming from a Roman Catholic perspective with the rosary.  That method of prayer I get, and have benefited greatly from the various meditations.

The priest at the Russian church talked about how that sometimes prayer was like being in a small boat in the middle of the ocean at night.  Sometimes it is not easy.  Maybe my “not getting it” is my midnight fishing trip.  I pray morning comes soon or heck I pray I will catch a fish.

To my subscribers (if I get any other then my wife!).  Please reply with your own personal experiences with praying the Jesus prayer.  It would be greatly appreciated.


3 thoughts on “The chotki the Jesus prayer and the rosary

  1. Since you attempted the Church before, you may heard about the Rosary compared to a chain that keeps us willingly attached to God, through the real faith. I think its in the devotion of Saint Marguerite-Marie or Sainte Faustine I don’t exactly. But it’s part of the Tradition.
    On an other hand, Have you ever heard about Saint John Bosco and his dream about “The 3 whiteness” (in French Les 3 blancheurs) who happened to be :
    The expression ” three whiteness ” so show the intimate and providential link between Our really present Lord Jesus-Christ into the Saint Eucharistie, His Very Saint Mother and His infallible Son Vicar, legitimate successor of the Apostle Saint Peter. This conjunction of three whiteness, is really visible reflection of the Trinity on earth and is so essential in the catholic faith that we are assured to be on the right track, since our hearts hold them all three embraced).

    My beloved brother into Christ and into Our Mother,

    I wander why I am posting all this to you in a Good Friday, when I have deeply promissed to myself not to browse, comment or anything on internet. More than that, English is not my language. To make a story short I think you should run back and all your family to where you belong.

    Je ne m’attarderai pas. Que l’Immaculee Conception vous garde (I want post again. May the Immaculate Conception blesses you and all those you love).

    Happy and Holy Easter !
    PS/Maybe you should try the Latin Mass. (before Vatican II). It really elevates the soul and its not tinged with concessions to protestantism.

    • Thank you for your sincere comments. I appreciate the concern. Roman Catholicism has been a part of my life. I love the saints, and all the great stories. I agree with you the rosary prayers are a wonderful devotion.

      In the past I went to a Traditional Latin Mass parish. I was there for a few months. It is a very good parish. The priests and people are of sincere and strong faith.

      Thank you again for your email, and it is my hope that you have a blessed

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