It’s a new year!

Theophany in RussiaI have been out of pocket for some time.  Sickness and vacation have kept me away from my blog and from the church I have been visiting.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Theophany.  I have experienced many Epiphany Mass’s as an Anglican, but this will be the first Theophany I have celebrated.

I look forward to the new experience.  I also am really looking forward to getting back to church.  I feel as if the life has been drained from my being.  The past few weeks have been wonderful.  Visiting family and celebrating Christmas. The vacation was much needed rest for my weary body.

I also have felt a sense of loss like I did when we first left our Episcopal Parish.  I must say I miss Christmas Mass.  I miss serving these services.  I miss the casual talk and laughter in the sacristy.  This transition has been harder then I expected.  My family still does not feel as if we have found our place.

I keep telling myself all we need to do is stay faithful, and keep moving forward.  God is with us!

So I am excited for new experiences.  I am sure I will have plenty to share sometime next week.  Monday we will be visiting a Russian Orthodox Church to celibate the Nativity.  A bit odd to do things backwards.  I guess it is the price one pays with a church that has 2 calendars.

Happy New Year to you all!



7 thoughts on “It’s a new year!

  1. God bless you for your faithfulness! I believe that I would feel the same way, if I fully embraced Orthodoxy. I have been in the same protestant parish for the last 18 years and I definitely would go through a mourning period if I left.

  2. by the way, I really don’t understand the picture above. Is the person self-baptizing? swimming in blessed water? It seems strange to get wet with snow on the ground…

  3. Jim,

    Thank you my friend for the comments. I pray when the time comes and you take on Orthodoxy fully. It will be a transition filled with joy. I do believe it is the Lords will for you. How and when I have no idea. Many prayers offered for you my friend.

    The photo is an odd one isn’t it. If you have time take a look online regarding Russian practices on Theophany. It is customary for people in Russia and in some former Soviet countrys to do a form of “Baptism” this is a practice with the intent of purification to the heart. Often officiated by priests and bishops.

    If memory serves you are new calendar. So have a blessed Theophany!!!

    • Br John-Paul,
      Thanks for the prayers; I really do appreciate it them.
      I will look into the practice, it looks interesting and, like everything in Orthodoxy, I am sure it is spiritually beneficial.
      Yes, my OCA parish is new calaendar! Have a Blessed Nativity yourself.

      Christ is Born!
      Glorify Him!

  4. Even if it is hard, God will help you everytime, even if, sometimes, He will help you in the last minute. I imagine it must be hard for you in a country like US.
    Happy New Year!

    • Thank you for your reply. I am sorry for such a long delay in response. Thank you for your kind words. The US is a very interesting place. It is so big that really you have vast cultural differences from area to area. The place I live now to me seems like a spiritual desert. Other places I have lived are the opposite. Thanks again for the reply! And thank you for reading my blog!

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