Theophany + Baptism = Good Times

Theophany2So it’s been some time since I posted on my blog.  Partly due to laziness.  Mainly I have been suffering with the flue.  I am just about over it, and feeling good. So I slowly emerging back into productive membership in society.

So I want to talk some about Theophany.  As I was driving to church I thought to myself.  I wounder if there will be a baptism today.  I was right.  Not only a baptism but another was entering the church through Chrismation.  More on that in a bit.

So the Liturgy was wonderful.  I enjoyed the homily.  Many thought provoking nuggets came from that.  The blessing of the waters was very interesting.  Now much of it is a blur. I cannot remember any specific prayers from the Liturgy.  I remember this cool candle with 3 flames.  I remember a triune prayer of some sort.  Each flame was extinguished in the water.  One by one.  Father used what looked to be a branch or herbs as a sort of aspergillum.  He went around the church sprinkling the blessed watters.

At the end of Liturgy Father usually anoints us with oil.  Today he had some sort of herb or branch was dipping it in the water and whapping up on the top of the head.  He seemed to enjoy himself greatly.  Ok whapping might not be correct word.  How about sprinkling us with water using gusto!

The baptism was magnificent.  I love baptisms.  I cry at them like people (insert women) cry at weddings.  This time I think I stayed composed, but I could be wrong.  To witness something so powerful, and yet beautiful.  I am at a loss for words.

There were obvious similarities to Baptisms I have seen at my old Episcopal Church.  Same with Novus Ordo Catholic Churches.  I was surprised in how much of the rite was parallel to what one would experience in Pre Vatican II Roman Catholic.  Or at a parish that still worships in the Tridentine  Liturgy.

It was interesting to see this young lady accept the teachings of the church, and to reject evil.  To accept Jesus as Lord of her life.  Then to come forward be sealed with oil and baptized in a tank in the middle of the temple.  (I hope the order is correct.)

My first Theophany will be a day I will hold dear in my heart forever.


3 thoughts on “Theophany + Baptism = Good Times

  1. very nice description. I never thought about baptisms happening on Theophoany but I guess that makes perfect sense. It must have been so inspirational to see.

  2. Thanks Jim. Yes it was very wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it very much.

    I must say yesterday I thought of you. The reading was about the Publican and Pharisee. I always like to hear a synopsis and your thoughts. I hope the job hunt is going smoothly.


    • ah, the Publican and the Pharisee; one of my fav’s. I always like it when Jesus calls out the self-righteous! Helps keep me in check.

      Job hunt is alright. I actually begin MEDICAL CODING School next monday. It’s an online course that leads to a certificate so if another route sales job doesn’t open up, I’ll have a new skill. It’s a 10 month program from ULTIMATE MEDICAL ACADEMY and paid for by the Veteran’s Administration!

      I haven’t been a student in a while; this should be fun!

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