I’m back! Did you miss me?

St NektariosSo I have been away from my blog for about a month.  I have started a new job.  Not with a new company but in a new group within the company I work for.  I love my new job, but it has kept me very busy.

Much has also happened in the church hunt.  We went to vespers at a mission church a few weeks back. Then back for Divine Liturgy.  This is the first parish I can say I feel at home.  My children have expressed the same feelings.  This Parish is small, but the care given to the liturgy.  Basically everything they set to do is done in excellence.

Like the saying goes all dogs have fleas.  No parish is perfect   I think we are going to stick around at this one for a while.  I sort of feel like a broken record when visiting a new church.  The first few visits and you never want to leave.  The one difference in this church then the previous churches is a strong sense of community.  After liturgy when we eat it is like a family around the table.  This is what we have been looking for in a parish.  It is all about long term.  I am hopeful in a few weeks the feelings will be the same.


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